Pictures from the Swazi Team

Here are some pictures from the past week:


Always finding a beautiful view.

Caroline and Katelin spent some time in the preschool room teaching songs and playing games.

We filled up so many wheel barrels full of dirt to fill holes around the care point.

 Grace learned how to make popcorn over the stove this week– she did great! 

Annie and Dani patiently waiting for the popcorn.

The popcorn did not disappoint! All the smiles and thumbs up for popcorn! 

We painted the bathroom at the care point a beautiful lime green. Most of the girls came home looking like shrek.

Bonus points to anyone if you can find the smile in this picture! 



Liz and Grace did a great job teaching English to the preschoolers this week!

Abi-Grace, Dani and Caitlyn spent some time sorting through the beans with the go-go’s (the grandmothers who are in charge of preparing and serving breakfast and lunch to anywhere from 50-250 kids a day).

Taking a quick nap at lunch before running back outside to play with the kids.

Maddie D., Hannah and Abi-Grace leading a discipleship class with the older kids at the care point. The lesson was on forgiveness and they did a fantastic job teaching! 

A lot of our day looks like sitting and loving on the kids at the care points. Maddie H., Caitlyn, and Signe usually have one to three kids in their laps at a time! 

Learning songs and dances with the kids is a daily occurrence. The joy is absolutely contagious. 


We hope that these pictures give you a small glimpse into our first full week of ministry here. We are learning a lot and loving our time here! Thank you all for your prayers. 


The Swazi Team 

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