Peace Beyond Understanding

As I was thinking about what I was going to write about on this blog, I literally had no idea, yet I felt complete peace about it. Peace because I don’t have to know the answer right away, because Jesus already answered for us. The past 5 days, between digging canals and pulling out roots in the community, to playing “tag” with a group of kids, which eventually turned into a violent karate chopping/tickling game, I’ve been soaking in every second of this country that I can get.

On Wednesday, we got the opportunity to go to a church about 45 minutes from the base and just do some simple construction. If you looked at the “after” picture, you wouldn’t think we had just spent 5 hours working on it. But that wasn’t the point; the point was that we were able to be God’s hands and feet in that church, pushing them one step closer to reaching God’s people. Tonight, we went back to that church and hosted a youth service, and I was blessed with the opportunity to lead worship with Jonah, one of the guys on this trip. I went in not knowing what to think, or what to expect at all. When I got there, the pastor of the church told me that one of the translators and I would be singing by ourselves, leading the three worship songs. When he told me this, instant fear rushed over me. I couldn’t lead THREE worship songs in front of 50 youth students.. or so the enemy tried to let me think. Before going up, I prayed that God take away all fear and anxiety, and that He just use my gifts to be a vessel to His kingdom. When we started, the nerves were there, but as I kept singing, I felt so at peace; knowing that God will leave the 99 to come and meet ME where I’m at, in the middle of the nerves and doubt, to use me for His good.

Looking back on the week, I can’t help but to be in awe of how God is moving. This team… is absolutely incredible. Going into this trip, I didn’t know anyone. I didn’t know what to expect. After one day of training camp, I had already felt like I had known these people forever. A week later, they have become my family. Each and every person has something completely different to bring to the table, and each person plays such a vital role in this group. I’m so expectant to see what God will do these last 5 days, and I already can’t wait to see how God will use me and my team; now, and when we go back to the States. Though the thought of leaving (the country and my team) absolutely breaks my heart, I’m SO excited to see so many states being impacted because of it. We may not all be driving distance away from each other, but each and every one of your kids will always have a big piece of my heart. I’m so glad I stepped out in faith and signed up for this trip. I can honestly say that my life will be forever changed because of it.


Philippians 4:7

“Then the peace of God that exceeds all understanding will keep your hearts and minds safe in Christ Jesus.”

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