The end. The thing we’ve all been dreading from day one, Just like that—we are at the END of our trip. Feeling like just yesterday we were entering the doors for worship at training camp on the 1st day, our time here in Guatemala has quickly came to an end. 

Upon acceptance into my trip; I did the thing that we all do, watch the videos, run to the #GoAMB & #AdventuresInMissions hashtags only to see the smiles behind the pictures, and all the fun things you get to do while abroad. Naturally, my excitement aroused. However, what those pictures & videos don’t tell you—is that in this country there are REAL problems, people really live on less than a dollar a day in awful, heartbreaking, poverty. There are people here hurting—barely making it paycheck to paycheck (note: this isn’t including bills like electricity and water—most people simply do without.) People here starve, they ache in sickness——something that broke my heart was the other day; we went and did house visits in a town called San Pablo & we actually got to pray for a man who had cancer—we prayed with him & sang songs, however we all knew. There was no doctor coming to give him chemo therapy. There was no treatment. His only hope was our prayers, and that God would use him to be a testament to his healing.—— So I say these things not to bring you down, but only to warn you! Do NOT do what I did. Don’t come with expectations. Break them. Simply let God work, and do as He says. Expectations are the enemy—Satan wants to fill our minds with things that are simply unlikely and may not happen, so that our hopes will be filled only to be let down. If anything, come ready to be broken—so that Christ can put you back together in a whole new, beautiful, way. 

-Logan Martini 

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