Dear Guatemalan Sisters,

On our last day of ministry for the first week in Guatemala, my team headed out to an indigenous village three hours away. I was expecting a day full of children ministry, but received so much more. This is my open letter to my new Guatemalan sisters. 


Dear Guatemalan Sisters, 

Your hospitality has changed my life and my heart. The small village of beautiful selflessness that you live in is such an example of Jesus’s love. Though we are the same age, you have become my role models; because laughter is your medicine and you have true joy that only Jesus can provide. You live on so little, yet pour out so much.. leaving me in awe. I see an immeasurable amount of strength in your eyes that I can only pray to have one day. You truly love like Christ. 

Though my team came as strangers, you took us in with open arms, fed us and loved us. We came to pour in to you, yet you poured in to me. Sisters, you are so bold. You teach the children of the village with passion and gentleness; yet tend to your fields with might like no other. That is true girl power at it’s finest. You let no one despise you for your youth, but rather lead your village with grace (1 Timothy 4:12). You have shown me light in darkness. 

Sisters, your hearts for our Papa provide streams in a wasteland. Thank you for a day of giggles.. but more importantly, thank you for accepting a foreigner like me in as a new sister and friend. I cannot wait for the day that every tribe and nation can come together and worship. Without language barriers, economic difference, and distance..we will all get to be perfect and whole. Guatemalan Sisters, we will have the best dance party before our Father together. Thank you for showing me more of Jesus and his character.

I love you endlessly

Hasta Luego,

Your new American Sister




Please keep these girls, their families and the entire village in your prayers. Most here live on less than two dollars a day. They work so hard for very little. My team has been left speechless by the hospitality that they have shown to us in our few hours there. Pray for the development of their church and leaders, as they started from nothing. We are so thankful for our new brothers and sisters. 



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