Day Two in Guatemala

What an amazing 48 hours the Guatemala team has had! After taking the day yesterday to explore, rest and adjust to a new culture, the team took the morning today to pray and ask the Lord what He wanted us to do today. 

We started our prayer walk by trekking to the top of a mountain with a beautiful view of the city of Antigua. The team spent some time taking pictures and worshiping at the foot of the cross. We were even able to pray for some fellow believers after they heard us worshipping! 

Check out Francis’ experience below! 

This was my first time ATL-ing (“Ask The Lord” for those who don’t know what that is). The whole process was a little foreign to me. But I sat down and I tried to get in the most meditative state possible. I saw, consistently, birds perching upon various objects and a native Guatemalan wearing a cross. I was a little confused but I told the team, and just went with it. After we went to the cross we broke up into groups and I suggested the market for a good location to begin, as I had a pretty good market theme throughout my whole ATL experience. We walked into the market and were immediately greeted by the sounds of birds. I looked around and saw almost the exact birds that God had shown me in a cage! I decided that it was a good location to wait for my Guatemalan with a cross. Suddenly a native man walked by with a rosary hanging outside of his shirt. I went right to him and attempted to communicate that I wanted to pray for him with simple hand signals, but they were fruitless efforts. I pulled out my own rosary and his face lit up with recognition. I then put my hands over him and prayed. Although it was clear he had no idea what I was saying he was ecstatic about what I had done. I later passed him in the market and he had the biggest smile on his face. It was definitely a terrific first experience with ATL. 

After some more prayer walking, we had a delicious lunch and went out to play some soccer. Or football as the Guatemalans call it! 

Every night the team has a short devo and a chance to connect to each other and pray together. The team brings so much energy and joy to each day and we can not wait to see what tomorrow holds! 


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